Our Opening

We thought that it might be interesting to see what the bookstore looks like before it is filled with books.  What we have right now is basically an empty shell.  We shall fill it with a thousand titles, dreams, and entire worlds.  Enjoy.
(Want to watch us grow?  Quickly scroll to the bottom, then slowly scroll upwards.)
Getting ready to open.  The shelves are built, books are ordered, waiting to be shelved, and some of them are already on the shelves. 
The part that we thought would be easy really isn't,  Both of us are reasonably intelligent.  Sometimes, one of us will pick up a book and have no idea how to categorize it.  Or we look at it and wonder what the hell it is.
The childrens' books are just as bad.  What age group does this belong in?  Some of them look like books for adults.  Both of us read some adult books from an early age. 
Where do we put this?