Schedule of Events

Frome time to time we will host events that involve books, local authors, local interests, and people. 
Stop by some time, and check them out.
  1. 18
    Book Signing - Letters from 2161 and Pachuco Poetry
    2 - 4 pm
    Author - Ernest D H And it got me through And here I am remembering you And knowing all you could or would never teach me
  2. 21
    Book Signing - It's Okay to Tell My Story
    2 - 4 pm
    Author - Gwendolen Wilder This amazing fictional story which discusses the connection between childhood abandonment, domestic violence, workplace violence and sexual assault.
  3. 11
    Meeth the Author - Edna Campos Gravenhorst
    2 - 4 pm
    Images of America - San Antonio's Historic Market Square The first square was Plaza de Armas (Military Plaza); when the islanders arrived, they marked off the Plaza de las Islas (Main Plaza). Before the Civil War, Alamo Plaza was the center of commerce. As San Antonio grew, the markets needed to relocate.