Schedule of Events

Frome time to time we will host events that involve books, local authors, local interests, and people. 
Stop by some time, and check them out.
  1. 28
    Book Signing - Armor for Orchids
    2 - 4 pm
    Meet author Diana Anderson-Tyler. After suffering a heart-aching breakup, Marissa retreats into herself, over exercising and depriving herself of food. When she takes on an acting role portraying a mysterious woman named Poppy, she realizzes that to find joy again, she must fight for it.
  2. 12
    Book Signing: Knights of the shield
    2 - 4 pm
    Meet the author - Detective Luke Graham was once a highly decorated cop. When his father, also a police detective, is gunned down in the line of duty, despair burns in Luke's heart, turning his life and career into bitter ashes. He's lost all faith in his fellow police officers, himself and his God. He's a ticking time bomb about to explode. On a case, Luke defies procedure and pursues a killer without backup, as his father did. He nearly gets killed
  3. 19
    Meeth the Author - Lisa Compton
    2 - 4 pm
    Neuro-imaging studies show that there is a brief interval during cognitive processing, just before we make a conscious decision, when our subconscious mind takes over. There is no scientific explanation for what happens during these seven seconds
  4. 9
    Board Game Event
    4 - 7 pm
    Do you love to buy, sell, and trade real estate? Is the swtrategy of dealing in these, and becoming the most powerful owner on the board something you yearn for? We will have a tournament to see who can outbuy and outsell other players. The top prize will be a $25 gift certificate for Dead Tree Books.
  5. 16
    Book Signing - Travel Smart, Travel Safe
    2 - 4 pm
    Travel Smart Travel Safe shows the reader how to deal with today's travel mishaps and hazards. From jet lag and lost luggage to kidnappings and terrorism, this book is all about keeping the traveler safe. filled with observations, tips, and advice, this is the one book today's traveler shouldn't be without.